1. A man who thinks all day about the catch he missed because of stormy weather ends up wasting time when the sky is clear.
    — Siuan Sanche — A Memory of Light pg. 393 (via confessionsofacuban)
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I loved this movie when I was a little kid


    I loved this movie when I was a little kid

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    Grace is wild. Grace unsettles everything. Grace overflows the banks. Grace messes up your hair. Grace is not tame.
    — Doug Wilson (via fromthismountaintop)

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  5. Journey before Destination. Life before Death. Death is the destination, Life is the journey.
    — Kaladin Stormblessed, The Way of Kings. (via heridfel)
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  7. I will protect those who cannot protect themselves
    — Kaladin, The Way of Kings (via hygm)
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Damian Wayne by Cameron Stewart

    Damian Wayne by Cameron Stewart

  9. Ah, the outdoors, I visited that mythical place once. It was so very long ago, I’ve nearly forgotten it. Tell me, does the sun still shine, or is that just my dreamy recollection?
    — Shallan, The Way of Kings (via yourflatmate-at221b)
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