1. She was witchy, yes, and in charge of a cauldron roiling with ideas and stories, but she always gave the impression that the stories, the ones she wrote and wrote so very well and so wisely, had simply happened, and that all she had done was to hold the pen.
    — Neil Gaiman on Diana Wynne Jones, in the introduction to Reflections: On the Magic of Writing (via misserinmarie)

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  3. Belle has an incredible heart, and an incredible mind, and her gift is perception. Her gift is to be able to look at others and to see their true selves beneath whatever their exterior is. And I think that despite everything she went through with the curse and being locked up by Regina, that hasn’t gone away.

    Adam Horowitz

    OUAT Podcast; Child of the Moon

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    It is totally impossible to be well-dressed in cheap shoes.

    Hardy Amies

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    All I want is the best of everything and there’s very little of that left.

    Lucius Beebe

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    It comes more from the mind, than the body, from the heart than the hands. Elegance is something internal that needs to be drawn out. You do not need money or an extravagent lifestyle. You just need the right kind of soul.

    Luciano Barbera

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